Aldar Rabdanov

The leader of the team behind iCW Token

Aldar Rabdanov, co-founder of iCryptoWorld (iCW), and his team, have launched the iCW Token.

In 2017 Aldar and his partners launched one of the largest data processing centres in Siberia for mining cryptocurrencies. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Asset Management – the General Partner of the iCryptoWorld platform. As a co-founder of iCryptoWorld, Aldar and his team launched the iCW Token.

Aldar Rabdanov is an international business consultant, ambitious, goal-oriented, a champion of sustainable solutions and an international speaker with experience in Blockchain, DeFi and Asset Tokenization. In addition, he is a prominent investor in the fields of renewable energy, water purification and environment protection technologies and has made immense contributions to preserve the lake of Baikal.

Aldar is a progress-driven planner, adept at building and retaining high-performing teams. At iCryptoWorld he has developed a complete business plan, improved performances and profits and excels in training and motivating teams, mentoring individuals and setting ambitious goals.

Our Advisor
Nikolay Shkilev, PhD
Rated as one of the top 3 in ‘People of Blockchain’, Nikolay Shkilev is an avid crypto enthusiast and mentor. His field of accomplishments is intriguing and impressive, to say the least. An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) bench expert, he has 20 years worth of experience in large-scale transaction projects under his belt. Over the years Shkilev has garnered plenty of accolades and awards in the IT sector; ‘Self-Made Russia award’, ‘Best ICO advisor award’ in Blockchain Life summit, ‘Super TOP award’ and many more. He is also the founder and CEO of Private Business Club, although his business interests are wholly diversified, and also co-founder of ‘Top ICO advisors’.