Crypto - Not So Cryptic!

Everything You Want To Know About our Crypto & Tokens.

Here’s a brief glossary:
Crypto — Umbrella term for all digital and/or virtual currencies

Coins — Usually any cryptocurrency that has its own separate blockchain

Tokens — Generally, any cryptocurrency that is built on top of existing blockchain, e.g. some companies issue their own cryptocurrencies, called tokens, which can be used to purchase goods or services specifically from issuing company

ICO — Short for Initial Coin Offering, this is comparable to a privately held company going public via an initial public offering

(IPO) — a way to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency or expand services for existing coins.

Cold. Icy. Unexplored. Most people associate Siberia with these words. And then there are a few other, somewhat unexpected, descriptions. 

Conditions in Siberia are ideal. The cheap cost of electricity makes Siberia perfect for mining. Cheap electricity and frozen winters of Siberia  help to cool massive computer servers. The natural temperatures in Siberia  ensure that no additional power is needed to cool the processors. Ergo, upto 50% power savings! That makes “mining”, in which computers solve cryptographic challenges to generate currency, especially profitable

The electricity for the crypto mine comes largely from sustainable hydro-electric power, hence minimising the carbon footprint of the operation. Crypto mining. Low-energy operations. Technological advancement. The latter are the words iCryptoWorld has introduced to Siberia. Simply by making this hugely untapped land the hub of their crypto mining and blockchain operations. Contrary to common thought, the Siberian climate makes mining of cryptocurrencies not just more convenient, but also more sustainable and evolved.

iCW is a DeFi token from iCryptoWorld, the company behind a massive mining operation in low-cost energy Siberia, powered by the computing power of our data center. The token provides an opportunity to get easy access to cryptocurrency mining.

The proceeds from the sale of iCW are used to increase computing power, which will allow mining even more of the most relevant cryptocurrencies, thereby increasing the value of the iCW itself.
Our iCW Token – the world’s most eco-friendly crypto will be listed on BitMart Exchange.

Natural Cooling
Optimal location of data centers in regions with cold weather ensures the ideal indoor temperature for mining and minimizes electricity costs due to natural cooling of the equipment.

Low energy costs
Lowest-cost energy is one of the main reasons why the district we belong to is extremely attractive to mining activities.

98.6% Uptime
While we continuously develop new solutions and technologies, we monitor our systems 24*7 and make sure they are always alive and kicking. 

iCW Acts
We take up projects for clean rivers, clean air and clean land. We work closely with people who are working in these areas and support environmental activism at a grassroot level.

First investors will have the opportunity to buy iCW at a fixed cost from 0.05 cents to 0.10 cents when purchasing 108 million tokens, depending on how soon they get involved in the process.

1. No need to waste your time and money on the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

2. A team of professionals at iCryptoWorld solves all technical issues for the management and configuration of the equipment. We are using our own software.

3. We can create a common pool and increase the efficiency of mining by combining our efforts.

4. You can join the international crypto community and get access to all the company’s products by purchasing ICW’s.

The token is listed on PancakeSwap. We will also be listed on BitMart on January 5, 2022.