Grypto - iCW Token


Go Green, Go Grypto.

Are you an active crypto investor, but feeling guilty because your actions are causing damage to the environment? Are you not an active investor yet, looking to dip your feet in, but worried about the huge environmental impact that the crypto eco-system currently has on the planet? Look no further. iCW token is as green as green gets, and it is 100% crypto. The green crypto – Grypto.

When we conceptualized the iCW token our main mission was to reduce the carbon footprint in the crypto industry. At iCW we believe – what is good for the wallet should be good for the planet. As an industry, we would like to be a part of the solution — not a part of the ongoing problem.

Crypto mining requires highly specialised computing equipment that consumes vast amounts of power and produces a great deal of heat. This makes crypto-mining better suited to colder climates. Being in Siberia, reducing power consumption was easy. But that is not the only thing. Our mining operations in Siberia work towards improving this sector’s environmental credentials. These include increased use of renewable energy, more energy-efficient protocols and carbon footprint offsetting.

So how are we Grypto

  • The crypto mining facility behind iCW Token uses a combination of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to use less electricity than earlier generation chips do, to data center crypto assets.
  • Even the electricity for the crypto data center comes largely from sustainable hydro-electric power, hence minimising the carbon footprint of the operation.
  • Other crypto data centers also consume as much electricity to cool their processors as they take to power them. Our data center is in Siberia, where natural temperatures ensure that no additional power is needed to cool the processors. Ergo, up to 50% power savings!
  • All of this produces not just greener crypto – in terms of environmental impact – but also produces it more profitably. Our mining operations are growing by over 100% per year.
  • Part of the proceeds from the iCW Token offering will go towards environmental protection initiatives – not just in the Lake Baikal region where the data center is based, but also in other key geographies like India, Dubai, China, Europe and elsewhere. Another part of the iCW Token offering proceeds will go to promote pollution-reduction technologies for air and water around the world.

So far. So Green!

Climate change is the issue of our time and it is our responsibility to do our part and ensure that we not only adopt sustainable and green practices but also encourage and aid others who are working towards a greener planet. Our main focus is on making a positive impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and with your support we will continue on this sustainability journey and tirelessly strive to offer an ESG-friendly crypto!

How to go Grypto – Here is a Green tip!

Support sustainable cryptocurrency by backing those that allow mining on devices that are ASIC-based. These process energy much more efficiently than GPUs.

If you are considering buying crypto or if you already have a sizable crypto wallet, you can move towards sustainable options to help support the environment.

If you care about the planet then it is important to invest in an eco-friendly crypto currency, regardless of the size or popularity. Just like with consumer goods, you can help shape the trends by investing in crypto that uses renewable energy mining methods instead of those that depend on fossil fuels.