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Meet Aldar in Dubai at the Crypto Expo, 2022

Aldar Rabdanov, Founder, iCryptoWorld

Meet blockchain Leader and the man behind iCryptoWorld, Aldar Rabdanov at the Crypto Expo to be held in Dubai this year. Aldar will give us a detailed understanding of the iCryptoWorld -the company that he has founded, the ICW token-  the earth’s friendliest token, their latest NFT collection, the #pixelseal game, and the iCryptoWorld Academy. Aldar will also share his valuable insights from the world of Crypto and speak on How Crypto Can Save The World.

Aldar Rabdanov is an international business consultant with expertise in Blockchain, DeFi, and Asset Tokenization. A goal-oriented, sustainable solutions developer, he is also very popular as a professional speaker at technology conferences around the world. In 2017, Aldar and his partners launched one of the largest data processing centers in Siberia for mining cryptocurrencies. He is well-known as the founder and CEO of Digital Asset Management – the General Partner of the iCryptoWorld company.

A strategic leader and a visionary, Aldar focuses on building and retaining high-performing teams through mentoring, training, and motivation sessions. With his extensive background in business development, operations, marketing, customer relationship management, and finance, Aldar believes that blockchain technology can revolutionize how we work and interact. He and his team of IT specialists, software engineers, legal experts, are spread across Russia, the UAE, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, China, Hong Kong, and other geographies. In 2021, he and his team went on to launch the iCW Token, which is now also listed on BitMart and other platforms. He wishes to make blockchain technologies available to everyone and iCW Token was created for that. To increase the worldwide community of iCW Token users, the team has big plans to enter the realm of crypto education, NFT and the GameFi market. Currently, Aldar’s team is engaged in creating the NFT collection and the game “Pixel Seal”, which is scheduled for launch in March 2022.

An environmentally-conscious individual, Aldar’s goal is to create sustainable solutions to complex issues. Aldar’s mission is to make the most sustainable choices in all of our daily life, with the objective of helping the environment. In pursuance of his philanthropic activities, he continually invests in renewable energy, water purification, and environmental protection technologies. He has made huge contributions to preserve Lake Baikal – a pristine lake in Siberia that is known for its freshwater source. 

Understanding the impact of crypto on the environment, his company has also coined and introduced the term ‘Gyrpto’ to the Crypto World. ‘Gyrpto’ is Green Crypto. There is a lot of buzz around this project and it has received a lot of attention from investors, miners and users. There are many who believe that ‘Gyrpto’ will be the next big thing in the crypto industry.

Being a crypto expert and a blockchain enthusiast Aldar’s main interest is to help companies, entrepreneurs and investors understand the basics of blockchain technologies and to implement them in their projects. A well-sought after business advisor to blockchain and crypto-related startups, Aldar Rabdanov is also one of the speakers at the Crypto Expo Dubai. His topic How Crypto Can Save the World is both intriguing and thought-provoking. Aldar will also share his valuable insights into the Blockchain industry, the future of decentralized applications, and DeFi.

Meet Aldar at the Crypto Expo, Dubai, on March 16 and 17, 2022.