The Baikal Seal

Nerpa is the environment friendly mascot of the iCW Token.

The Baikal seal, also known as Nerpa, is the symbol of Lake Baikal and one of the most popular endemic animal species.

In the heart of Siberia is located the great Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Baikal gives us strength, an unlimited scale of thinking and love for nature. Here in the Baikal Lake lives a unique animal – the Nerpa seal. It is the only freshwater seal that is born completely white. Today it’s also the symbol of our token.

Nerpa, the earless seal, has had meaningful relationships with indigenous groups living on the lake’s shores, both in the present and in the far distant past. Images of the Baikal seal are present in rock art panels and bones of nerpa have been found at habitation sites, human cemeteries and sites of sacrificial offerings, the earliest of which is at least 10,000 years old.

Nerpa is the environment-friendly mascot of iCW Token and advocates a green earth & represents the Earth’s friendliest token. Nerpas are the only freshwater seals in the world just like our tokens are the only earth-friendly tokens in the world. This baby seal is a constant reminder of who we serve – not just humanity – but all of earth’s creatures and environment.