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iCW Token is a utility token based on the strong underlying business of a leading crypto mine in Siberia.

iCW Token is perhaps the first that recognises the need for crypto assets to be more environmentally friendly:

The crypto mining facility behind iCW Token uses a combination of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to use less electricity than earlier generation chips do, to mine crypto assets.

Even the electricity for the crypto mine comes largely from sustainable hydro-electric power.

Other crypto mines also consume as much electricity to cool their processors as they take to power them. Our mine is in Siberia, where natural temperatures ensure that no additional power is needed to cool the processors. Ergo, up to 50% power savings!

All of this produces not just greener crypto – in terms of environmental impact – but also produces it more profitably. Our mining operations are growing by over 100% per year.

Part of the proceeds from the iCW Token offering will go towards environmental protection initiatives – not just in the Lake Baikal region where the mine is based, but also in other key geographies like India, Dubai, China, Europe and elsewhere.

Another part of the iCW Token offering proceeds will go to promote pollution-reduction technologies for air and water around the world.

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