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Meet Nerpa

Who is Nerpa?

Nerpa or the Baikal seal is a species of earless seal, endemic to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Baikal seals are tiny seals that are members of the family Phocidae. They are native to Siberia and live only within Lake Baikal, from where they derive their common name.

There are many types and kinds of seals across the planet, but they all have one thing in common, they are all saltwater creatures. Nerpa is the only one to live exclusively in freshwater. It is still unknown how they arrived in the lake, thousands of kilometres from a seal’s traditional habitat of the sea.

Genetic scientists have proven that Nerpas are related to Arctic seal species, but are unable to establish how they arrived in a land-locked water body so far away from their cousins. One theory is that seals went along the Yenisey and Angara rivers to the Baikal and settled there.

About Nerpa

One of the cutest inhabitants of Lake Baikal, this shy and intelligent animal has had meaningful relationships with indigenous groups living on the lake’s shores, both in the present and in the far distant past. Images of the Baikal seal are present in rock art panels and bones of Nerpa have been found at habitation sites, human cemeteries and sites of sacrificial offerings, the earliest of which is at least 10,000 years old.

The Baikal seal is almost always seen in Lake Baikal in Russia, the world’s deepest lake, though sometimes it is seen in rivers flowing into and out of the lake.

Lake Baikal seals have a seasonal birth cycle. Pups are born in February and March, which means they are weaned (they move from milk to solid food) about the time the ice is melting, and food is more abundant. In fact, weaning appears to be directly connected to melting ice. In areas of the lake where ice melts sooner, the pups are weaned sooner.

Why is Nerpa our mascot?

Nerpa is the environment-friendly mascot of the iCW token, advocates a Green Earth and represents the Earth’s friendliest token!

Nerpa or the Baikal seals have a number of behavioural adaptations that help them survive in their environment. They are unique freshwater seals. Just like the Lake Baikal seal, our tokens are unique and have the ability and intelligence to survive in the Crypto World.

Nerpa is a shy and intelligent animal that has had meaningful relationships with indigenous groups living on the lake’s shores. Our iCW token is also not just any crypto. It is conceived with the idea of creating meaningful relationships in different parts of the world. We come from the deepest lake (Baikal) forging relationships in different parts of the world, be it the large sand desert Rub Al Khali, or the land where one witnesses unity in diversity – the great India!

Nerpa is unique, Nerpa is one its kind and it is the crown of Lake Baikal much like our iCW token is unique and will soon be the crown of the crypto world.

Nerpas are the only freshwater seals in the world just like our tokens are the only environment friendly tokens in the world